Carpenters Prepare For Hurricane Irene

by Michael Walter
(Cape May,New Jersey)

Carpenters prepare for hurricane irene all across the east coast. A bad hurricane that is scheduled to hit the New Jersey and New York area Sunday. Refineries and major industrial areas are taking the proper safety precautions to protect themselves from this dangerous storm

Carpenters that live on the shore are bracing for the impact that this storm is going to have on their homes. I live near the shore and people are swinging their hammers putting up plywood on all on their windows in the house. The storm is said to have winds that are over 100 mph and for the people that live near the shore like me that is pretty bad. That is the only downfall about living on the New Jersey shore and that is hurricanes.

Carpenters have been helping by putting up sandbags across the area for potential flooding. My neighbor said that he is going to reinforce his carpentry tool shed. That has all of his carpentry tools in it. He said he is going to do it so that is doesn’t fly away. I asked him how is he going to do it he told me that he is going to build a temporary wall where the existing walls are. I thought that these measures are a little extreme but better safe than sorry.

So there you have it I live in Cape May New Jersey on Beach Avenue next to Louie’s pizza. Louie told me that he is going to start boarding up his restaurant over the weekend. If anything we are going to be the first town to get hit but we are use to this. This is not our fist rodeo.Governor Chris Christie asked everyone that lives on the shore to evacuate. I recommend that everyone listens to him but I am going to stay in my beach house and see what the end is going to be. I am not scared of a little storm. But I will be going to home depot to embrace for it. I am going to pick up some plywood and nails and finish boarding up my house. My name is Michael Walter and thanks for reading

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