Carpenters Union In New York City

by Tom Dots

Many carpenters in New York City and future Carpenters are lined up in New York City they have tents and they're all lined up outside at the Carpenters Union headquarters the head of a lottery to join the union on Saturday. Hundreds of hammer swaying hopefuls will be apprentices in the New York City Carpenters Union.

This was brought to my attention by The Daily News this week alone 250 apprentices will be through the lottery system.

I believe that this is a great sign that the union is getting stronger our economy is getting stronger and hopefully this continues for years and decades to come. Carpenters union is a wonderful organization that is keeping the American dream alive just as well as other unions are doing the same.

When you see a group or a young generation of people that are lined up for trade such as to be a carpenter it is an eye opener that many people want to work with their hands and build.

Good luck to all of the people that are trying to become a carpenter in the Carpenters Union. It is not an easy task there are many different challenges and obstacles to overcome formulas in mathematics to learn to but as you progress just like with anything else it just becomes the second nature.

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