Carpenters Work After East Coast Earthquake

by Hank
(New York )

I have been on the east coast all my life and I have never experienced a earthquake before it was truly scary I want to talk about what carpenters are doing and will be doing to ensure that this is a swift transition form weird to back to normal.

When a earthquake occurs carpenters are one of the many trades that will help pick up the pieces and lend their services to their fellow man and brethren. When an earthquake occurs carpenters and engineers will inspect building for cracks and damage. Being that the east coast does receive earthquakes the buildings are not built to stand a earthquake.

I was doing a scaffolding job in New York and the earthquake occurred while I was on the scaffold. I was a few stories high and I was building the scaffold I was scared and I went home for the day after the incident occurred. The next morning we had to inspect all of the scaffolding in the area which actually took all day.

I was happy that no one got hurt and I am not anticipating on another earthquake. The next time that something like this happens will be to soon. It has thrown the projection time for completion off on the carpentry job that I am on, and it was the most stressful day that have received in a long time.

I encourage all carpenters to inspect all scaffolds carefully if you see something wrong fix it or report it. Mr. Jereme Green I love your website keep up the good work kid, and your reward will be great. Thanks for giving carpenters a voice through your website I have been following your rss blog for two years and you are getting better as time goes by.

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