Carpentry Competition

by Ron
(Westfield NJ)

Hi my name is Ron and I'm a big fan of I did notice that some of the information is a little outdated but overall it's still great content on your website Jeremy keep up the good work. I wanted to talk a little bit about Apprentice competitions or Carpenter competitions

I noticed in the headlines a few people are going to the state Carpenter competition and it's something that I always wanted to participate in myself. Basic carpentry has been a passion for me since my early teenage years right now I'm 21 years old and one day I hope to participate in one of these carpentry competitions.

One thing is for certain accuracy is very important in carpentry competitions. If they give you blueprints to build something you have to stick to the plan make accurate wood Cuts accurate measurements. Measure twice and cut once I always say or at least check your numbers to make sure you are digesting the information properly.

Speed in a carpentry competition is crucial when you are competing against some of the best carpenters in the state. My speed would come in really fast because I'm always thinking three steps ahead of what I'm going to do next therefore I am always ahead of the competition. But somehow someway there is always someone out there some Carpenters that are faster than others they just have a way of going about doing things such as building and woodwork that will blow your mind.

Timing is everything for carpentry material how it set up what tools to use and the procedures when implementing a plan it all plays a significant role in the carpentry competition I hope to do this one day and kick some bodies tail I really want to win a trophy of some sort one day and I hope that you are the hosts of of the competition Jereme thanks her for everything.

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