Carpentry Electric Drill

by Mr Blessed 500
(New Jersey)

The electric drill is usually the first power tool acquired by a do-it-yourselfer. It is a versatile tool that can drill holes in metal, wood, plastics, and concrete (with special bits) and can take dozens of accessories for sanding, grinding, shaping, stripping, bulling, sharpening, and cutting holes. A drill is classified by the largest bit its chuck will accept-1/4, 3/8, 1/2, or 3/4 inch (the last two sizes are used mainly by professional masons and carpenters). A 3/8-in. drill with h an infinitely variable speed feature and a trigger lock (which may work at only the highest speed) is the most useful for the homeowner.

If you will be using a screwdriver bit often, you may want a reversible motor. Double insulated models with plastic housings and two-prong plugs will lit any 120-volt out-let without an adapter. Rechargeable, battery-powered drills are now available in many sizes and models (variable speed, reversible). Although expensive, they are quite convenient for anyone who does not drill many holes or use sanding and grinding accessories. They are handy for use out of doors or in attics, basements, or garages where electrical outlets are unavailable. Many drill more than 100 holes on an overnight charge. Standard twist bits have a cutting edge with a 59 degree angle, which is perfect for drilling mild steel but less than ideal for some other materials.

You can regrind a standard twist bit to any desired angle if you will be doing much work with especially hard or soft metals. Inexpensive bits are made of carbon steel. More expensive bits, designed to cut harder metals, are made of a material usually called high-speed alloy steel. This is very exciting this carpentry website is about to be just like the guy who was smoking cigarettes at the gas station it’s about to blow up! Thanks for reading this page on the carpentry electric drill

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