Carpentry Framing Nail Gun Paslode

by Jereme Green
(Plainfield NJ)



Carpentry framing nail gun nailer. The Paslode nail gun is a great nail gun to use when framing and doing carpentry projects. I had the opportunity of using this high-quality nail gun while building a bridge here in the state of New Jersey.

The gun shoots Nails out extremely fast with Precision accuracy on a commercial level the battery for the gun would last for an extensive amount of time up to 5 hours without having to change the battery according to my recollection. I was able to frame a massive amount of 2by4s together using this nail gun what would have taken me an entire week to do the gun was able to do it within one day.

So for carpentry or handyman that is interested and getting a lot of carpentry work done on a short. Of time I recommend a carpentry framing nail gun that takes batteries opposed to nail guns that have an air compressor hooked up to it. A hose hooked up to the nail gun eventually will be extinct once the battery operated  carpentry  framing nail guns with batteries become more affordable that's my opinion.
In fact that looks like to that we are in the age of batteries and electricity not necessarily air compressors anymore because of the weight that it takes to carry the air compressor and the hose that has to be attached to the gun as well not to mention power that has to be hooked up to the air compressor.

Batteries is the way to go if you want to get things done in a fast and productive way one of my favorite old school ways of putting nails in wood is the old fashioned way with a hammer it never gets old. I love putting nails into wood. I love swinging my hammer and that is what I do for a living so it does not make a difference to me unless. Unless I'm running the job myself and put a bid in in calculations for battery operated carpentry nail gun that would be a different circumstance.

So for all of you Corners out there that are enjoying what you do. The future is looking very bright for all of us continue to build and prosper this is Jereme Green coming from thank you for reading I'll see you on the next page.

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