Carpentry Jobs Birmingham UK

by Darren

There are plenty of carpentry jobs in Birmingham, England because of the chaos that has taken place. People have already begun cleaning up the debris that has been left due to the rioters. I am a carpenter that lives in Birmingham and I am have been donating my services and time to other people that need it in my hometown. I have offered my carpentry services to the owner of the T Mobile Shop in Birmingham England and I also helped clean up the glass.

I am thankful that I didn’t get hurt and I am also thankful for the feeling of togetherness as we are picking up our lives again. Even though some businesses have been totally destroyed and lives have been lost we will continue to work feverishly to build a bigger and better community.

Just yesterday I decided to paint a wall that had been sprayed with graffiti I painted the whole brick wall and it looks great. I encourage anyone and everyone that knows how to use a paintbrush or hammer help people that are in need. Particularly the businesses that have been hit the hardest that are not a commercial business and will have a hard time recovering from this they need the help the most.

Fro the youth that want to be trained in carpentry now is your time to be trained there are plenty of buildings that need work done on them and it sounds like there is going to be plenty of more people that are creating work and jobs in the area by destroying things.

That is the bright side out of all of this mayhem carpenters will be needed everywhere in Britian and the outer skirts of London for months if not years to come.

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