Carpentry Project Buddy Bench

by We Ja Chang
(Linden NJ)

The Buddy bench is a very good idea for a carpentry project. It's a concept that is catching like wildfire across the country and the world schools all over the country and around the world are training their students to build the Buddy Bunch and put it on display in the name of peace at vocational schools.

What the Buddy bench is quite simple it's a bench that allows student to sit on it and the other students will come sit with the student that is feeling lonely got the blues or need a friend. I wish we had a buddy bench when I was in school. I probably wouldn't have gotten beaten up so much maybe I would have found a buddy to help fight off the bullies.

Anyway I think that the bench is fairly easy to make under the proper supervision with the right Carpenter teachers this project can be executed and mass-produced, possibly even monetized if the right carpenter is working on it with the right people.

If I was a carpentry teacher or instructor I would definitely implement this carpentry project in my school. This project has the potential to be coming a humbling experience.

The tragedies that are in the schools today can be medicated possibly resolved with projects like the Buddy bench.

The carpentry tools that will be needed to complete this project is some of the basic carpentry tools that are used in carpentry such as; a tape measure to make measurements. A square to make Square cuts. Possibly some sandpaper to smooth rough edges and make the bench comfortable. May need some screws a screw gun to put the bench together. A pilot hole bit to pre-drill holes for the screws.

The other carpentry tools you may need is a table saw a chop saw or and a skill saw possibly a hand saw. The more the merrier the easier the better there's always more than one way to do a carpentry project but at the end as long as it gets done safely and efficiently that's all that matters.

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