Carpentry Safety Tips On The Fourth Of July

by Bob Screwup

I have some carpentry safety tips that I want everyone to know. These safety tips are very precious to me and I encourage everyone to use them. I have discovered that the tips that I am about to reveal to you have given me a prosperous and happy start in the field of carpentry. Some of the tips I learned from reading while other tips I picked up on my own through trial and error. But first I want to talk about how dangerous the carpentry trade really is.

Carpentry Work Is Dangerous Work

Carpentry work can be very dangerous, just think about it carpenters risk there life everyday to get the job done. Carpenters use all types equipment that can cut them or even break their bones. The other day I was using a huge hammer drill with a long drill bit on it. The drill I was using was so powerful it twisted my arm, so hard that it put me out of work for a week. This trade needs to be respected by everyone. It is one of the toughest trades to master and one of the most dangerous trades to be in. And that is all I have to say about that.

Carpentry Tip If The Wood Is To Short Don’t Cut It Like I DId

The number one carpentry tip that will save your life and keep you from drawing back nubs if you know what I mean. My second carpentry saftey tip, keep your fingers away from the blade. I was cutting some wood on the chop saw. The wood was 2 inches it was very short. As I was cutting the wood I sneezed and drew back a nub as you can see in the picture so be careful. This has happened many times to people, it is a common mistake.

I will add more tips whenever I feel like it. I had a lot of things that has happened to me in the past year and I don’t want them to happen to you.
My name is Bob Screwedup thanks for reading

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