Carpentry Students At Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

by Tom Dots
(Wisconsin Technical College Carpentry Course)

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Carpentry Course

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Carpentry Course

Carpentry students at Northeast Wisconsin technical College or learning much more than just a trade. To my understanding this is going on across the country where colleges are having carpentry courses that people can take in order to help them achieve their new height in the trade of carpentry.

This particular area of the country the students are building modular homes for pets as well as people it sounds like. As the carpentry students are building these somewhat huge homes they're also learning not just the trade but also giving back to the community.

Everything from installing Windows painting and sheetrocking putting installing floors you name it there on it.

What is shocking is that the technical colleges are offering carpentry and they are also benefiting the community with non-profit organizations I think it's a win-win situation and I believe that many colleges should follow the same criteria.

I recently had the opportunity to look at some modular homes and I must say that they are fantastic pieces of structure here in the north part of the United States there are not many modular homes but in the south you can find many it is actually a way of life.

The college it did say that they were building gazebos dog houses or something like that so there are many different non-profit projects that can be done. And in return everybody is benefiting off of this idea thank you and continue to stay tuned for more carpentry news here at carpentry

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