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Carpentry trade schools are great schools to get into if you are thinking about getting into the carpentry trade. There are many different types of schools in different areas. Here in New Jersey there are classes that can be taken in quite few places and I am going to share them with you. You may be able to find the schools in your area as well

One place that there is a carpentry school is a vocational school the great thing about a vocational school is they train people in becoming a carpenter and some of them also guarantee a job before you leave the school.

Another place to find a carpentry school is surprisingly is the department of labor or in other words the unemployment office. A while ago I noticed that they were doing a carpentry school for anyone who wanted to sign up had to make an appointment.

There may be a job corps in your area the job corps has a great apprentice program that will prepare students to be a carpenter and get into the carpenters union. I went to a job corps in Edison New Jersey and it worked out well for me.

Last but not least is the union carpentry school. Every state in the United States has at least one. This carpentry school is the best school that any carpenter can come out of. The carpenters union does their best to make sure that the men that come out there school are well trained. In most schools the classes are divided into four sections: basic skills, concrete formwork, framing, and exterior and interior finishing. Some of the different carpentry skills and projects that students take on are used in milling, fastening, joining, assembling, building concrete forms, erecting and dismantling structural and architectural materials, and these are just some of the responsibilities a good carpenter will handle during a day's work.

Most carpentry apprenticeships last for about four years. Once an apprentice is done with his schooling he will then achieve the title journeyman.

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