Carpentry Training In Baltimore Sisters In The Brotherhood

by Brad Smith

Carpentry training program in Baltimore is taking there success to the next level. I found an article and the Baltimore Sun where the sisters in the Brotherhood it's a pre-apprenticeship program at Mid-Atlantic carpenters training center in Halethorpe.

And this article it is very nice read I found some sisters that were looking for some employment opportunities Latrice Scroggins 26 years old said she has always had jobs but never a career a mother of two she got a couple of college credits but her heart wasn't into it

Then she found the sisters in the Brotherhood pre-apprenticeship program and 8 week training program held at Mid-Atlantic carpenters training center in Arbutus to prepare women for apprenticeships in carpentry.

She is one of five women that are entering this male-dominated career.

From what the picture is looking like it's saying that they are interested in the welding part in carpentry as well.

I am a member of the carpenters union and I'm familiar with the sisters in the Brotherhood program. I think is an awesome choice to enter into the Carpenters Union. College is not for everyone and there is a lot of opportunities that will unfold to the people that are looking for opportunities. Obviously we have a few women here that are willing to pursue a career. I would like to say congratulations and I hope nothing but the best wishes and good fortune comes your way as you move into a new era in your life as a carpenter.

It is a tough World stay motivated be encouraged walk with integrity and a high self-esteem and I believe that you will be able to accomplish anything.

Once again I believe this is another story where more women are going to be motivated to come and join the male-dominated workforce once a crack in the wall is there many will continuously flow through so God bless all of the women that are pursuing after a basic carpentry career.

I believe it's going to take dedication resilience hard work consistency advice from your loved ones. A persistent problem solving motivated determined mindset 2 be one of the great ones so pursue after that while you are in carpentry training. I was reading the article and I believe the workforce is about 10% of women you all are making history it's not easy out here I believe in some case it is a man's world because of the heavy lifting that is required it takes muscles. But hopefully you can find an area that will be beneficial to your skills. There is a place for everyone basic carpentry.

So I just wanted to say again congratulations to

Latrice Scroggins 26
Lachaye Dudley 30
Daniel Evans 36
Ingrid Ross52

Never stop learning, the road is a journey and you are on that road congratulations. And yes we know your ages LOL

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