Carpentry 101

I am the teacher for carpentry 101; learn how to survive in the carpentry world. I’m going to give you some carpentry tips that’s going to blow your mind. You will never have to worry about being unemployed again. Remember that it’s “all mental before it becomes physical.”

Lesson #1 Best Trade Ever

Carpentry is the best trade to get into because our business is so versatile. If you get fired or laid off from an employer you can always find your own carpenter jobs. There’s always work out there for carpenters. When one employer lays me off I start my own business, get on my grind, and start hustling in the carpentry business. Jobs just come. I will not loose money because the company that I am working for is slow. Nope I control my seasons in life not someone else. How’s that for lesson #1 in carpentry 101.

Lesson #2 Stay Connected

Stay connected with people in the basic carpentry trade, and don’t burn any bridges with people. You have to cross bridges again sometimes. Be slow to anger it pays off. I had a crazy bipolar Forman he was a screamer but I put up with his crap for a while. This dude kept giving me Saturdays (overtime) before I knew it I made $50,000.00 in 6 months working under this guy. As bad as I wanted to burn the bridge with him I couldn’t, I made to much money in carpentry.

I’m in the union I go to meetings and support them, the people that run the union don’t forget that, as a result they wont forget me when I’m not working and can use a union job, One hand washes the other. I seen people burn bridges in the carpenters union they deiced not to stay connected later that year they told me work is real slow. Its not that work is slow it's that they burned down their main bridges. It’s not what you know sometimes it’s whom you know. Get to know people, tell the world you are the best carpenter eventually someone is bound to hear you and give you work. Yes Carpentry 101 is in session take notes.

Lesson #3

Learn To Love Your Job

The more passionate you become in basic carpentry the more it shows and the better you will become. I had allot of people hating on me when I was a apprentice, they did not want to see me make it but I loved my job to much and look at me now.

It was ruff at the beginning of my carpentry career I almost got into a couple of fist fights I did burn those bridges down found another way to make money in this trade. There is more people in this world rather see me not make it, then see make it.

In conclusion Love Your Job and let nothing discourage you. Remember the golden rule in carpentry 101 it’s not all physical it’s also mental

Carpentry 101 is open 24hrs 7 days a week check out this info on the carpenters union.

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