Carpentry and Construction

Carpentry and construction will always be together you will never find one without the other. I am going to break down for you how the construction business is run. Also how carpentry plays a big roll in construction.


On every construction job there are 4 major parts that will always be address, Surveyors, plumbing electrical, and structural. There are normally 2 people that oversee theses 4 categories the two people are the project manager and the general contractor. The project manager and the general contractor usually tell the different foreman in the trades what to do and when they want it done. The foreman then governs himself accordingly.

Here is a list of the different trades you will find in a construction site.

Surveyor’s are usually the first ones on the job. They take care of the elevations holes that needs to be dug with heavy machinery etc.

Carpenters-Are usually the second ones to arrive on the job they layout were the building goes. They may have to determine what walls have to be rebuilt right along with the big list of other things. Truly every trade follows behind the carpenters.

Electricians-of coarse they take care of the power on the site. And if there was no power then everyone will use generators

Plumbers-They deal with the toilet system and sinks and gutters

Pipe fitters-deal with the air-condition or refrigerating units piping. They also have a lot of work in factories and refineries.

Ironworkers-work with steel beams that holds the building together they also work with rebar metal decking and other materials made of steel

Tin knockers-They put up ductwork all around they building

Laborers-There job is diversified they do, cleaning shoveling demolition hauling material around when needed they help out the carpenters and the masons allot

Masons-They lay bricks sound easy but it is a skilled job


Yes, you indeed every trade follows after the carpenters because the carpenters layout and establish were things will be built or torn down. Carpentry and construction will always go together. And Carpentry will always be the king of trades.

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