Basic Carpentry Apprenticeship

My basic carpentry apprenticeship in the carpenters union was very exciting in the state of New Jersey. This part of my site is for anyone who wants to know what is like or what it will be like to go through a carpentry apprenticeship.

I worked on 12 jobs my first year in the carpenters union here are just a few highlights of my first year. I went from working in a heated store building gondolas and moving islands. To working at Newark NJ airport walking on short peers looking down seeing nothing but water with a full sheet of plywood in my hands with the wind blowing. On another job I worked at a Marriott hotel next to Jersey Gardens Mall my mission was to help unload over 1300 boards of sheetrock into the building. That job put some hair on my chest. On another Job I had to insulate walls in a huge corporate building.

My second year I worked outside on the New Jersey Turnpike. This is major highway with bridges and about 15 lanes of fast moving traffic and I was smacked dead in the middle of them. I started in November and it was very cold. With cars passing constantly it didn’t make things any better. I worked on top and under the bridges it was a very wild experience.

In my third year I worked in a refinery putting up scaffolding. Again it was cold outside but when I got near a couple of 1200-degree pipes I wanted take my clothes off it was so hot. And the last thing you want to see at the refinery is a fire, well I saw one three stories up and made everyone evacuate the area until some engineers got the fire under control. The end of my third year I made deliveries all across New Jersey for one company and did very little carpenter work and loved it.

My Forth year I worked in the mountains building a school. What was cool was when I got there it was just a hole in the ground. The first big eyebeam the ironworkers put up fell. Once we started making good progress and put some windows in an erect building the landscapers decided they needed dynamite to blow up certain parts of the mountain near the building to make better progress. I got to see big rocks fly into the building on their first blast it was great. All and all the school is being used today.

I faced many challenges and tests through my carpentry apprenticeship in the carpenters union some were fun and some were not. But I got through it.

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