Carpentry Apprenticeships

There are many carpentry apprenticeships to choose from. You want to make sure you choose the right one. And I’m going to tell you how to do just that. First you have to decide which part of carpentry do you want to work spend your apprenticeship learning. There is a big difference from carpenters that works on cabinets and carpenters that works on roofs.

After you have decided which area in carpentry that you are interested in next you want to find a carpentry school that teach you everything that you need to know in that area of basic carpentry.

On my fist carpentry job I started out as a cabinetmaker in a nonunion shop. They had an apprentice program there that I joined. It was good at first I was getting the raises that I was suppose to get and learning a lot. After my second year with the company they claim work was getting slow and I got only a 10 cent raise for the whole year.

They decided to start downsizing eventually they got rid of me. So I went to the carpenters union apprenticeship were I would not be told that I am going to get a 10-cent raise. In fact I didn’t even have to ask for one just gave it to me. The carpenters union has the best apprenticeship hands down.

If you do not get into the carpenters union be aware of misguiding apprenticeship programs like the one I got my self into. Companies have bogus apprentice programs that are a waste of time.

There are many carpentry apprenticeships, choose the right one for a carpentry job

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