Carpentry Basics

There are carpentry basics that are rooted in carpentry. If you follow just some carpentry basics you can be successful in carpentry. So what I am going to do is give you some highly valuable information that will bring you to a new level in carpentry.

The golden rule of basic carpentry is "measure twice and cut once". This rule is the golden rule because if you follow it you will not waist material and you are being careful and aware of what you are doing. If you apply this to your actions while doing carpentry work or on a carpenter’s job they will love you because most of your cuts that you make will be accurate down to the T.

When swinging your hammer "Its all in the wrist." People tend to swing their hammer using their four arms or their whole arm. Good carpenters let their wrist do the swinging and there hammer do the work. That’s the key to swinging a hammer.

Keep a sharp blade in your utility knife. Cutting with a dull blade is ridiculous because you are doing twice the work. You end up having to score the material twice and it takes twice as long which makes you look like an unprofessional carpenter.

Before you walk away from it "Check your work." DO not leave or present work to someone that you did not look over. That’s like crossing the street without looking both ways except you want get hit with a car you are going to get hit with a Donald Trump "YOUR FIRED". If someone finds numerous mistakes it’s showing that you are not cautious and negligent. And you really don’t care about the work.

Remember work smarter and not harder

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