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Here is plenty of carpentry business tips and planning techniques that will guide you to great business practices and carpentry work. So you are a carpenter, you know your trade, you're good at it, and most days you enjoy what you're doing. These are some of the reasons that you're in the business. But another important reason is to make money. This will help you learn how to convert your hard work into a profitable business that gives financial security to you and your family. There are three key areas that I will cover.

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· PRICING CARPENTRY JOBS: You'll learn to charge an hourly rate that will allow you to price each carpentry job accurately while considering both your financial goal and the expenses involved. Using this method will help you to stay profitability without getting overwhelmed by paperwork.

· INCLUDING EXPENSES IN YOUR COST: Expenses are part of your cost of doing business and they can be valuable tax deductions, so you don’t want to overlook any of them. Ill cover which expenses are just part of running your business or overhead, and which expenses you can bill directly to your customer.

· BILLING AND COLLECTING: You’ll learn how to avoid common billing problems, keep your billing simple yet as professional as your carpentry and get paid quickly.

Here are just a few points that I will be covering in this part of the site. If you ever had a hard time running a construction or carpentry work then this part of the site is just for you.

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