Carpentry Career

A carpenter that has blueprints in his hands.

The truth about the carpentry business and a carpentry career exposed here. You will also read about the pros and cons of carpentry. So lets get down to business.

The Pros About Carpentry

The money can be great depending how good of a carpenter you are. Meaning you get rewarded when you do good work, people will hire you through recommendations. The money will also be great if you are employed with a company for a long time. Either way good work pays off. There is no real limits money wise, it all depends on what kind of contracts you will get or whom you are working for the sky is the limit.

You do not have to go to the same work desk and deal with the same people for the rest of your life. I like to switch it up I need a change every now and that’s a benefit that the carpentry business has. Once you are done remodeling or building a building you are done and then you go to the next job meeting new people, and staying away from a desk.

Fortunately you will not have to be stuck on the same machine doing the same factory job all year around a carpentry career offers a wide range of work carpenters like building bridges, houses, cabinets, chairs etc....

Another benefit is you may not have to work all year around if you do not want to. If you are your own boss you can plan your own vacations. If you are employed by a company and you get laid off cause things are getting slow. Have no fear vacation time is here.

The Cons Of Carpentry

Work sometimes gets slow and if you are not good you can be out of work for a couple of months. Carpenters work in nasty conditions here are the follows: dust, dirt, mud, rain, mold, Physical strength is also required here are the follows: bending stretching, heavy lifting, and climbing You will meet some wacky carpenters who will like to see you get laid off.

I for one love the carpentry business I have been doing this for 9 years and I do it quite well. I wont complain because I love my job.

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