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Getting the right carpentry certificate is very important. But having the right certificate can be vital to a carpenter career. Here is a prime example around five other apprentices were working at a cabinet making shop in Plainfield New Jersey Hard times had fallen on company due to the economy at the time. Eventually the company downsized and ended the apprentice program. As a result all the apprentices that were in the program did not receive their certificate.

The company never started there apprentice program again, it was almost a complete waist of time. And very disappointing to the apprentices. The company tried something new (the program) and it did not work out, that doesn't make them bad people but it does put five apprentices out of a job.

One of the best certificate that can be received is from the carpenters union. With this certificate anyone can go anywhere in the U.S.A. and Canada and work on an union carpentry job that can use the help. That is a true certificate to shoot for.

There is a various number of certificates that can be achieved in carpentry as well such as a certificate in O.S.H.A. When achieved it shows that the person who has it was educated in safety hazards which are the most important part of a carpentry job "being safe".

Carpenters also build scaffolds sometimes they have to be built over 100 feet in the air. In this area of carpentry at times a scaffold certificate or additional training is required.

There is certificates in welding for carpenters. There was a time when I worked on the New Jersey Turnpike and several carpenters had the opportunity to do some minor welding. Many took that opportunity for what it was and the good ones that weld the best stayed employed for a long time I asked them how did they know how to do the welds so well, they told me it was the training they had received.

The conclusion is the more certificates a carpenter has the better off he or she is in a carpentry career.

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