Carpentry Class

My carpentry class worked together as a team to get projects done. In the school there were 5 classes to attend each class had both bookwork and hands on projects. Some projects takes one student to complete while others takes three or four students to finish.

One great thing about the carpentry school is that everyone learns at there own pace no one can keep you from making progress because they are slow. You may find that there are some people in the class that claim they are really not interested in carpentry. My advice do not allow them to influence you into the way they are thinking instead try to distance yourself from them

The school teaches apprentices many things such as how to use the power tools and there regular tools. How we should be proud to be a union carpenter.

I believe there are 6 major areas in the school that students have to complete within there four years of apprenticeship they are as follows; concrete, interior systems, trim, framing, spackling, general math basics.

In carpentry class I got plenty of carpentry Lessons here are just a few things that I picked up.

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