Learning In Basic Carpentry Classes

I took many carpentry classes in my apprenticeship. Here is some information and tips on how I survived in learning carpentry and my classes.

I survived in the carpentry school by going to classes when I am scheduled. There are many apprentices that did not attend classes thinking that they could make up the classes at the end of the year. Well one day the school decided to make an example out of the apprentices that were not attending classes by suspending them indefinitely because they were not going to school.

It’s important to not follow the crowd and follow your own agenda. There are many students that will loose focus on what they are going to a carpentry school for. I realized what I wanted I, and always kept shooting for it never giving up. There are some people when they go to the school they want to talk about everything else but carpentry that’s ok but you are there for carpentry that is something you want to realize.

The reward is great once you accomplish graduating out of the carpentry school. When I graduated I still did not have the experience that I wanted but it didn’t matter because I graduated and I am going to be making decent money once I get out.

In conclusion do not give up in your carpentry training and your class. I met people that have given up in their training and they wish that they did not. Here are some more tips in carpentry classes

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