Carpentry College

Carpentry college is it really for you or will you be waisting your time and money? I am going to get to the heart of the subject I don’t think going to a carpenters college is necessary.

The term "college" is really just a fancy way of saying carpentry school because they both promise the same thing which are you leaving being a better carpenter than you were when you first walked in. Before picking a carpentry school or college do your homework. Talk with some of the students that went to the school learn how successful they have become if any.

I personally never went to a basic carpentry college I got all of my experience and education for free. Sometimes I got paid for it I would learn on the job, which I believe, is the best way to learn.

But remember knowledge is power the more you know about carpentry the better you are off and the better your chances are on becoming a successful carpenter in basic carpentry or major carpentry.

Check out the pros and cons of a carpentry career.

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