Carpentry Concepts

Custom carpentry picture

I love seeing carpentry concepts also reading and working on them. I was working on one job in the carpenters union and we were building walls around a building that were 12 inches thick. They were also reinforced with steel bars the wall stood up 15 feet it went 6 feet in the ground and around 9 feet above level the building has a gate around it that stands around 30 feet high. All of this was designed to protect the building. I don’t know what’s in the building and truthfully I don’t care it was just a cool job to work on and see put together.

Another carpentry concept that I saw was a Ferrari made of wood. I think the Ferrari was made in Italy, the person who made the car looks like they made it for the water even though I have been told it drives on land but I thought that was just one of the coolest concepts that I have see in a while.

Actually it inspired me to build something made of wood that no one has ever done before. It is always cool to be the first person to do something first I am going to try o post pictures of the Ferrari and other cars made of wood. If you have a unique carpentry project that you are working on I would love to post it up on this page. I may make a web page just for you and your project my email is

Here is a page on some carpentry concepts and the carpenters union.

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