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Most carpentry contractors run carpentry jobs with a great plan and a schedule date to complete the job. Sometimes the schedule does not go according to plan because they do not know how to treat their employees. I have never been on a carpentry job that I didn’t have a good time on. A good carpentry contractor treats his men with respect.

The secret that most contractors do not know is that if they treat there men with respect then they will more than likely get that same respect back. As a result the carpenters will work harder for the contractor because they care about the company. I was on a carpentry job not to long ago. One carpentry company that I worked for treated there men great, as a result the men were happy and they treated the company as if it was there own.

When employees get treated like garbage they tend to act like they are garbage. There was a carpentry job I was on a while ago the carpentry boss treated his men like garbage constantly yelling at them and in constantly cursing them out. As a result the carpenters screwed the company every chance that they got, it is just the way the process goes.

The best way in my opinion to treat your men that you are employing is with respect plain and simple. Carpenters tend to feel like working harder when they are treated like they are human. This is a business tactic that most carpentry companies do not know anything about.

In conclusion do unto others as you would have them do unto. And you reap what you sow Good Luck on your Carpentry Job and God Bless

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