7 Carpentry Cost Tips

Cartooon painting a wall does he know how much it's gonna cost him

Here is carpentry cost tips for your business. These tips will help you estimate work and make better money.

1. Set the hourly rate for your work based upon the number of hours you plan to work each year, the income you plan to earn, and the cost of your general overhead.

2. Estimate the number of hours the job will take, allowing a little room for errors and oversight. Past experience and talking with others may be helpful.

3. Multiply the numbers from steps 1 and 2 to figure how much to charge for your time. If the owner is willing to pay you on a time a material basis, you can skip this step.

4. Add up the expenses related to that job (not general overhead expenses).

Be sure to include all special costs such as waste disposal special insurance, employees, and their contractors, so forth.

Be sure to include all costs of materials at verified prices, including replacement cost of items taken from your inventory. Including allowances for those costs that may change

5. Be sure that every cost is accounting for either as a general overhead item or as a cost item related to the particular job.

6. Add the numbers from step 3 and 4 to come up with your job price.

7. If there are parts of the price that you feel may change, increase your price to protect yourself. Remember it’s hard to increase a price once you have agreed to it.

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