Carpentry Education

Having a carpentry education is really good to have. There are two schools that every carpenter attends. The first school is quite easy. Basically you learn and get an understanding on carpentry work. The second school is the school of hard knocks in this school you get carpentry training in the work field so your experience level can be at a all time high. You may make costly mistakes at the beginning but you are getting paid for it.

I preferred an education in carpentry to a college education because I was never good at homework. And I believe people should be paying me to learn and not me paying people to learn. It’s just that simple. In college you also have to pay back student loans for the rest of your life. But in a carpentry apprenticeship you can bank money instead. I was never good at school anyway. So I didn’t go to college because I would be wasting my parent’s money and mine.

The proper time it takes for a carpenter to learn the trade is four years. Within the four years carpenters learn how to sheetrock, frame, build scaffolds, stairs, build forms for concrete, put up molding, make cabinets, and the list goes on and on. While learning you get paid.

There is one thing that through out my whole carpentry history no one taught me and that is how to run a carpentry business successfully and the right way. It is an art and I truly mastered it through trial and error and hard knocks. Now I’m at the point where everything comes natural. I run my business fluently and without any big problems. My business is so busy at times I have to sub out some of my work.

One thing is for sure without the knowledge on how to do the work I could never take care of the business.

Hear is some more history on my carpentry education.

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