Carpentry Employment Is Slow

Carpentry Employment is very different from most people’s careers. The reason why is that many carpenters do not work all year around. Every part in carpentry from cabinetmaker to a roofer slows down sooner or later. When this happens the employer has to make a decision whether he is going to keep you employed or lay him or her off. In most cases the carpenter contractor will lay off that person off if they do not have work.

Carpentry is not a good trade toget into at this time because of the many carpenters that are laid off. There is no one hiring anywhere. In fact most contractors are laying people off it is not easy being in a ressesion. But even throuh a resession you can servive if you work hard enuogh to get carpentry jobs and have faith

During my layoff in the carpenters union what I do is I go to my union hall sign my name in a book that has a list of names for people that are out of work. I do this also so the business agent, the man that gives us the jobs (he is the Don of carpentry)knows I am unemployed. When everyone on the list refuses a job or when my name is on the top of the list I get a basic carpentry job. I know what you are thinking how do you survive without a carpentry job.

I collect unemployment during the weeks that I am not working. Its just enough money to survive the checks comes every two weeks. During this time frame I start hustling finding carpentry work and improving my carpentry skills. Remember there is always room for improvement.

Employment is very low right now due to the slow economy. Contractors are not really hiring anyone at this time and things are not going to get better any time soon.

Carpentry employment will get better here is some details on carpentry jobs.

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