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Use this site as a carpentry guide and you will become a successful carpenter guaranteed. In this site I explain how to stay working in good times and bad. Most basic carpentry sites that you go on tell you very little about what it is like actually being out there as well. The reason why is because most of the people who are making up these carpentry website are not even carpenters.

I am determined to expose basic carpentry in every way that I can. Through great content and more I add pages and different information every week sometimes everyday about carpentry.

Soon you will be seeing videos. I will be coming out with a book that will give you professional ways to become a tycoon in carpentry like me. T-shirts will also be coming out. I want people to get excited about carpentry as much as I am.

Carpentry is the hottest and best trade that has ever been out. Jesus father was a carpenter so what does that tell you. Only one thing carpentry been out for a long time and now people are starting to see how cool carpentry is and what it is like to be to be a carpenter.

But the world aint seen nothing thing yet. So save this page in your favorites let it be your original guide through carpentry. Any comments, questions, or ideas email me at

This site is your #1 carpentry guide here is some info on learning carpentry check it out.

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