A Carpentry History

Here is a site about my carpentry history. My history in carpentry is what led me to build this site. After mastering everything there is to master in carpentry I had to make this site because I want to continue to teach and enlighten people in basic carpentry.

So here is my history in carpentry. I'm from Plainfield New Jersey. My first job I worked with fast food at Boston Market. Then after that job I started working in a cabinet making shop in Plainfield New Jersey. I did not know much about carpentry and I barely new how to read a tape measure. In this particular cabinet shop I was in a four-year apprenticeship that lasted for only two.

The apprentice program was great for the first two years I was getting raises left and right then the company decided to downsize so they laid me off. Little did I know that was the best thing that they could of ever done for me.

My Mothers Book

My mother Mona Green is an author and she wrote this awesome book Titled Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep It is in stores now

Carpentry Jobs can be hard to manage. And without the assistance of my Mother and Father I dont know where I would be I want to say Thank you Mona Green and Willie Green for being awesome parents.

My Carpentry Business

During the time I was laid off I started my own carpentry business making and installing custom cabinets. I also put up molding in peoples houses painting and some concrete work. My carpentry business (Green's Carpentry) was very successful I was making more money than I had ever made. There were four employees under me. I had all the connections I needed. And many clients would call me back for more work. They would also recommend me to a friend.

I Took My Skills To The Next Level

During that time my carpentry business was booming. But I wanted and need more training in carpentry. I wanted to learn more about framing and sheetrocking I really wanted to learn it all. One day on my lunch break I saw a Job Corps training center commercial on T.V. They showed the students sheetrocking and framing and doing all kinds of carpentry work on the commercial.

I went on the tour of the campus it was great. I applied at Job Corps training center in Edison New Jersey for the carpentry coarse. I was very excited because if I complete the class I could get into the carpenters union with no problem. In the carpentry coarse I learned how to frame, sheetrock, do concrete forms and more. They even help me in math so that I could pass the math test for the carpenters union. I graduated out of Job Corps and I got into the carpenters union.Which made carpentry history.

Now I'm In The Carpenters Union

The carpenters union has an apprentice program that I attended for four years. Within the four years of my apprenticeship I was scheduled to go to the carpentry school in Kenilworth New Jersey 5 weeks out of the year. The apprenticeship was great I already new how to do a lot of the work thanks to my training at the carpentry coarse at Job Corps.

I then achieved one of the greatest goals in my life next to running my carpentry business and that is becoming a union carpenter. The money is good and they have a retirement plan, vacation plan and benefits. What more can I ask for in carpentry. Working in the union has been pretty good for me I wont complain.

I still run my carpentry business while working in the carpenters union. Simply because I got to get my hustle on. Because I’m a hustler in carpentry. And thats my carpentry history.

I am a pro but I am still learning.

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