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Here are some carpentry images; I took these pictures myself all the pictures that you see on this page have been taken in central New Jersey. Everyday I am adding new pictures to my site and I will be soon requesting for people like you to post their carpentry pictures on my site as well. I am very excited about this because someone has the chance of becoming the first active participant on this huge website.

I will be soon adding content 2.0 which will give you the reader a chance to add on you comments or advice to this site which is broadcasted around the world I am again very excited about this. So without further a due here are some great carpentry pictures

Here is a carpentry picture of a framed house taken in Edison New Jersey

Wood framed house taken in Edison New Jersey the house when complete is valued around $375,000. The picture was taken a while ago but houses do maintain there value in Edison. These days I dont see many houses being built because of the economy.

Carpentry work that was done in Plainfield New Jersey

Here is some carpentry work that was done in Plainfield New Jersey it is a picture of a framed senior citizens building. This picture was taken when the project first began now the building has 2 stories and the project looks like it is moving along pretty well

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