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Here is some new carpentry info for you. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump support the carpenters union. There are many carpenters that have been working for Oprah for a long time they may not talk about there adventures working on the set with Oprah or preparing it for her but they are out there and I’m sure they are making to dollar. Also Oprah is constantly expanding she recently got her own TV network. There are many carpenters working to on that carpentry project.

Donald Trump is another new celebrity that has been employing people from the carpenters union for a long time. There are many buildings in Atlantic City New Jersey that was erected because of him. Right now he has his own show the Apprentice. His set is constantly changing during the show and there are many carpenters behind the scenes that do just that.

Another Prime example is chef Gordon Ramsay; he’s employed many people from the carpenters union for a good while because he has built an empire of restaurants. The set changes constantly towards the seasons finally of Hells Kitchen, he has a new show were he remodels restaurants.

These celebrities that employ many carpenters that do basic carpentry work. The average person watches these shows for entertainment but I see a world of carpentry in these great shows

Here is some more carpentry info on the carpenters union

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