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Carpenters are going were the money is at and the money is up north in Alberta, Canada. Apparently someone has found a great deal of oil out there and now there is plenty of work for carpenters. They are requesting all journeyman who have experience in concrete and scaffolding work, you also are going to be over 100 feet in the air so these carpenters can’t be scared of heights.

Carpenters have plenty of overtime there and my favorite part of this story that I heard carpenters can make 6 figure digits within three months. If that don’t get you to want to go up there I don’t know what will.

Many carpenters that live in Missouri are headed up there as well I live in New Jersey its a big transition for me but if I lived closer you better believe I will travel to Canada to make that money.

The only job that I can think of that will top the work in Alberta Canada is working in a mall with beautiful women putting up small shelves wearing sneakers getting paid prevailing wage. But hey that’s something that I always wanted to do everyone’s different thanks for reading stay tuned for more carpentry information.

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