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Here are some tips on finding carpentry jobs. Get carpentry work in your area with this valuable information. Currently the economy is slow but the carpentry business not. Reason being is there are many different avenues to take in to get carpentry work and if one avenue doesn’t work there is always another one to take. I am going to walk you through the many opportunities that carpenters have in a tough economy to find carpentry jobs.

One day when looking for a foreclosed home I stumbled across a great carpentry business opportunity. I noticed there were two types of homes that I viewed. The first type of home was the homes that were run down and neglected. They needed thousands of dollars in repairs from being neglected for years. The other type of homes was being repaired. Most of the homes that were getting repairs mainly had carpenters working in them.

So I came up with a great idea and here it is. Carpenters looking for work can go down to their local bank or banks and asked to speak with someone that deals with foreclosed homes. Then just asked the bank is there any homes that you as a carpenter can repair. The worse thing they can say is no.

Another avenue is going to a local hardware store and asking if there is any work available for carpentry home installations such as door knobs, windows and floors. There are many carpenters that get carpentry work for years through this avenue.

In some small and large cities there are labor ready or temp agencies that specialize in finding carpentry work for carpenters. The great detail in this is if the company that hires you as a temp may one day decide to keep you because of your great work.

A carpenter can always go into business for him or herself. There are three secrets in owning a very successful carpentry business. Knowledge in carpentry never stop learning. The second is the connections there is an old saying it’s not what you know it’s who you know go out meet and great people tell them what you are about. You may be surprised what comes your way.

The third is advertising pass out your business card; place an ad in a local magazine, newspaper, and phone book. Put fliers on cars use your imagination or just copy what other people do the choice is yours.

Start A Carpentry Career

A carpenter that is checking his work with a level.

A carpentry career can be a excellent career to start. Carpentry can be a self-rewarding job. Because of the many opportunities a carpenter has to build projects. Some carpenters take a step back and admire there project, and are proud that they made it. Carpenters always has the option of taking a picture of what they built and start showing their friends and family members.

Working under a contractor is o.k. Since the contractor knows how to run the job and they know carpentry then everything should run smoothly. Carpenters do make descent earnings as well. If times get slow for the contractor it doesnt mean times has to get slow for the carpenter.

Great picture of a framed building

Carpentry And The Economy

This is the first month of the year and I already heard that 524,000 jobs were lost in the month of December. That is incredible, even though all of these jobs are lost I still believe that problaby by late March or early May the economy will start to pick up and more jobs will be created through Obama plan.

It is obvious how bad things are going but I believe through the months ahead carpenters will be getting jobs in schools, bridges, building projects, major construction and carpentry jobs.

For the people who have been thinking about getting into carpentry the time to act is now because of the much anticipated high demand that will be occuring soon.

Really what Obama been saying is that he plans on giving the work to the trades first before he starts to give it to other people. It sounds great for carpenters I guess it is just a matter of time. Regardless of the matter we have to hope and pray and have faith that this plan will worked.

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