Carpentry Job Training

Carpentry job training happens on allot of carpentry jobs, apprentices are trained on the job and in classes. Most carpentry jobs trains apprentices to do great work in basic carpentry. Once the apprentice learns what he has to learn then the journeyman carpenter works and watches the apprentice to make sure he or she is doing a great job.

Some carpenters get on the job training as well. If there is a new tool or a different way the contractor want the work done then its up to the contractor to make sure the carpenters are well trained in the area.

Unfortunately sometimes companies use their apprentices for the crummy jobs. There was time in my apprenticeship were I had to insulate an entire school, each floor had to be insulated no matter what I was the man to do it. Even if I called out of work that insulation sat in the same place until I returned to the job. But I didn’t care I made good money and worked for a year on that job. People laughed at me some people felt sorry for me I laughed all the way to the bank

If you are going to start out in the carpentry business be aware of companies with phony carpentry programs. Check the history of the company before you join the apprentice program because they may just want to use you for cheap laborer then let you go.

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