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This website is a carpentry kit that will guide you on becoming a master carpenter in basic carpentry. All the secrets on becoming a successful carpenter is all listed in this website plain and simple. There is no real rocket science to carpenty.

Most people teach you how to do projects on T.V but they do not tell you what it takes mentally to accomplish that speacil project or how did they become such a great carpenter. You have never seen carpentry taught at this angel of expertise before. I tell you what it takes mentally to accomplish carpentry projects and run a succesful carpentry business.

Professional carpenters do not give away there secrets to sucess and there carpentry history at to the public because they do not want people to become more successful than they are

There are a hole lot of other reasons why as well. There is alot to learn in carpentry it cant just be taught over night but it can be taught over the internet for the first time in such a way that you will become the best carpenter in your area hands down.

Here is some information on my history in carpentry

Here is your front page of the carpentry kit

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