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Free carpentry lessons are everywhere wherever a carpenter has been you can learn a valuable lessons and I am going to show you how you can learn. When you become passionate about carpentry your eyes will open carpentry work that surrounds you. As a result you observe the work and possibly learn from it.

My neighbor had a big extension built on his house I watched the carpenters work on his house from beginning to end I took pictures and I learned a lot that day.

Another example is when I went to a Red Lobster in Piscataway N.J. when I walked in the restaurant I notice the beautiful creative carpentry work that was accomplish there. There were a couple of lessons that I saw as I ate my food. I learned what crown molding is appropriate for a big well-crafted column in the building. The other lesson was wood crafted columns really brings out the quality in a room. I also visualize how it was built and the order that everything was built in.

Here is another great example, I was watching T.V and I saw the presidential candidate Barak Obama making a speech behind a well-crafted podium. The podium had nice wood crafted designs on it. So I did some research just for myself on how to create designs on a podium. So just by looking at his podium I can assume there is a carpenter out there saying I built that just for that day. It may be a proud moment for Obama but it is also a proud moment for the carpenter that built the podium.

In conclusion lessons in basic carpentry surrounds us. If you can develop an open mind you will be able to receive the lessons that are in store for you

Here are some great carpentry lessons just for you check it out.

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