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The  picture is a example of some excellent carpentry work.

In the state of New Jersey (U.S.A) there is no carpentry license just a carpenters certificate. And really anyone can hand out a certificate. I recommend if you really want a true certificate with some relevancy than you should join the carpenters union there apprentice program is for four years and by the time you are done in school you have truly earned your certificate in basic carpentry. I received my carpentry certificate in May of 2006 from the carpenters union. I hung it up on a wall; it was a big accomplishment in my life. Some people can get that handed to them but I had to fight for it and I earned it and I am proud to be a union carpenter.

In New Jersey you don’t need a license to start your own basic carpentry business or to work on peoples houses, however what you do need is to be filed with the county you can do this by going to city hall and a tax number for the government if you truly want to start a legal successful carpentry business. You also need Insurance that will cover up to a half of a million dollars in damage.

If you plan on doing carpentry work on your own house in the state of New Jersey you will need a permit from the city hall if you want add an addition or change some electrical or plumbing issues in your house. You can do light carpentry work such as trim paint and repair but you cannot change the way the house is structured without a permit.

If you plan on building high rises or condos you still do not need a carpentry license you do need a commercial license once you start getting carpentry jobs that are that big. You will also need a commercial insurance plan as well.

In my opinion we should have a carpentry license in the state of New Jersey. There is to many contractors in the state of N.J that do not know what they are doing and are giving carpenters in New Jersey a bad name. Every trade requires that you have to have a license in order to do work such as plumbers and electricians. I find it very odd that you don’t need a license to build the structure of a building.

Carpentry license who really needs it? Here is some information on carpenter jobs.

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