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The number one carpentry manual everthing you need to know about carpentry is all on this one site.

There are some carpentry books that are like a maual they teach the structure of carpentry. But what they dont teach is the benefits on being a carpenter and what it has to offer. Thats where I come in at,if you are beggining out in carpentry or a veteran this site is will have a carpentry lesson just for you.

My material is all original and it is broadcasted all around the world to benifit carpenters. Eventually I will be selling things and promoting other business so stay tuned to this website for all what it has to offer.

There is actually a manual in carpentry it is the frammers manual it has a lot of numerical formulas figured out. The majority of the formulas are on using the framing square. If you do a lot of framing at speacailly roofs and stairs you may want to check it out.

If there is anything that you would like to see in this site that you have not you can email me at and I will be gladly to read what you write me

Here is another great part about this carpentry manual.

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