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Exclusive carpentry news I am your number 1 source for the latest carpentry info. Some carpenters just get all the glamour work. Carpenters are keeping low profiles but there are plenty of carpenters that built platforms for the B.E.T and M.T.V music awards and getting autographs and pictures with perfumers.

Carpenters are everywhere from Hollywood to New York. Carpenters added recently a bedroom to Jay-z's and Beyonce mansion. It must be nice working for people who have a lot of money to hand out

These carpenters just stay low profile because they want to keep getting recommended to all the celebrities. If these carpenters talk about meeting celebrities and working in their homes they may never get a high profile customer again. Hey people love their privacy and it should be respected.

The hottest place that I worked in was Newark Airport beautiful women coming and going to all places around the world it was great. I got the opportunity to shake Muhammad Ali's hand that was one of my favorite moments in the carpentry.

If you are a carpenter and you have a picture of you standing next to a celebrity or music artist I will make a whole page dedicated to your experience. Contact me at Jereme2006@yahoo.com that’s my email.

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