Basic Carpentry Qualifications

There are a few basic carpentry qualifications that you will need to become a carpenter or an apprentice. First carpenters have to have good balance. There are many times when carpenters have to do excessive climbing. And when you are on a ladder or on a roof you can’t be playing around you have to be safe. Your balance has to be right or your future carpentry career can come to an end.

The next qualification that you will need to become a carpenter is being able to lift heavy objects. Sometimes all day carpenters are lifting heavy objects such as sheetrock, doors, studs, concrete forms, plywood, and the list goes on and on. Not unless you plan on building birdhouses and picture frames you will eventually have to do heavy lifting.

So basically your coordination skills have to be up. You should defiantly know how to read the tape measure. The tape measure is the one and only tool that every carpenter uses. You should definitely know how to read it before becoming a carpenter. Its like a carpenter’s best friend right next the hammer, without it you will never make it in the basic carpentry business.

I wasn’t good at math when I started out in this business and you don’t have to be either but you should know a how to do fractions but I wouldn’t worry about it. You will learn how to become an excellent carpenter if you follow through on a lot of tips and information that I provided in my site. I will be providing more information and video in the near future. Holla at ya boy

Carpentry qualifications are very important here are important careers in carpentry.

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