A Great Carpentry Resource

A great carpentry resource is very important. The reason it’s so important is because a good resource can help you climb to the top. I am going to give you some tips and new ways to get some resources that will only bring you success in the carpentry business.

One of the greatest resources that you can get is a General Contractor or GC. Get their phone number. The general contractors always have worked lined up or are trying to get worked lined up. Some general contractors have carpentry work for years and years before they even start to run out. The general contractor usually is looking for a man with good carpentry skills. The lucky carpenter that works with the general contractor usually works all year around.

Big subcontractors have plenty of work as well. Sub contractors take the work that the general contractor chooses not to handle. Get the subs phone number. They also stay working when things start to get slow you can always call them up for work. The most they could do is say no.

Stay connected to people in general. Go to a bar join a club get to know people. The more people you know the better chances you are to getting that job you always wanted through them

Here is some more carpentry resources and info on carpentry skills.

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