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Carpentry safety comes first on any carpenter job or project that you may come across.Without proper safety precautions carpenters get hurt. Sometimes to the point were there carpentry career comes to an end due to there injury.I seen this happen to many times on different jobs in my opinion every time there are two people to that are at fault the employer and the employe both on neglagence on there behalf for not paying attention to the unsafe condition that resulted to an accident. In most occasions when I talk to people that have got injured they tell me the reason why the accident happen was because they were in a rush to get the job done.

I expeirance a couple injuries myself in the past one was pulled back muscle I couldnt move for a week because I was in so much pain.While I was laughing and jokeing with the foreman he asked me to pick up a small steel plate The piece weighed 65 pounds I thought I weighed only ten thats when I pulled my muscel.I pulled another muscule laughing while picking up a sheet of gypsum board Normally the weight of gypsum board has no effect on me I can pick it up all day. But the worse was when I dislocated my shoulder I was out of work for months and my shoulder 3 years later still has pain every now and then.

In carpentry safety its the carpenters duty to wear safety glasses and a hard hat if required at all times. Its a fact that the majority of work that carpenters do require safety glasses. One man told me he was screwing a metal stud and a peace of metal shaving went into his eye I asked him if he was wearing safety glasses and he told me no.

The carpentry job that have a effect on my eyes to the point were I have to wear my safety glasses is basically anytime when. Im working or just on the job managing it because things happen and it gets crazy.

I have installed ceiling tile, and out of no were a nice size piece of tile falls in my eye and it gets stuck there for one long hour it sucks really.

Carpenters may be swinging their hammer putting nails into wood. All it takes is the wrong swing with the hammer and the nail is flying into some unknown direction. Without the proper protection someone can get hurt because they are not practicing carpentry safety.

There is a ton of rules tips and techniques to follow in the carpenters union OSHA book that can guide you to a successfully safe and productive job the.In the The OSHA manual is enforced to protect the safety of both the employer and the carpenters.

All in all think before you lift ask someone to help you if its to heavy, be carefull using the utility knife it can slice your fingure.And be aware of your surroundings.

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There will be more information on carpentry safety to come.Here is alot of information on drywall.

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