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A carpentry salary can be very rewarding, however it all depends on what contractor the carpenter is working for. Many carpenter jobs have different rates. Here in the U.S.A. In New Jersey non-union cabinet builder makes around $52000.00 a year before taxes. Has enough in the state of New Jersey to just get by. A 1-bedroom apartment averages around $12,000.00 dollars a year.

Majority of carpenters get paid by the hour and not by a salary. For example a handyman or maintenance man that may work in an apartment building I would put him on a salary because his job hours may vary due to residents in the complex. A carpenter that is going to remodel a house I would have to pay, hourly because there is so many complications that he or she can run into its possible work can stop for weeks. As a result the employer has lost money.

Schools and Hospitals may also have the option of giving a carpenter, carpentry salary. It’s wonderful to have a good carpenter on stand-by whenever you need him in big places. It’s not fun when you are paying a carpenter to do some basic carpentry but they can’t do anything because they’re waiting for a small inspection that has taken weeks to pass.

Carpentry salary also vary from state to state. Here in New Jersey union carpenters average $78,000.00 a year . The people who are really making the big money in the carpentry business is not the carpenters that are working for someone, it’s the carpenters that have someone working for them. These are the guys that you may want to aim to be one day. The people that I am working for right know is estimated to be a 25 million dollar job someone is getting paid allot of money.

It takes time, connections, good reputation, and good communication skills and allot of effort to get to that point. But a carpenter that is skilled in basic carpentry and knows how to run a business can do this and enjoy it. There are people who come out of college and want to run a successful carpentry business but don’t know a lick of carpentry. I have met many carpenters that run and own very successful businesses. And after reading and learning all the material that I am providing to this site you will be successful as well.

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