Carpentry Skill

The main carpentry skill that will keep you employed by contractors is being very observant, great observation skills will bring you long ways in carpentry. There are many people that come to work and do not have the mind to work, day in and day out. Any carpenter that is like this constantly will not be successful in carpentry.

One of the best ways to improve your skills is by improving your quality and your quantity at your carpentry job or project. You should always be looking for room for improvement. Remember you never stop learning. Watch other carpenters as they work learn what they are doing just by watching.

I was told by a wise carpenter "there is a system to everything in carpentry" meaning once you get your first project out the way and it is built successfully the rest of the projects should be built the same if not better because you did it before.

Having good carpentry skills is great but if you do not know how to put those skills to work then those skills really don’t exist. Get your experience in as well this will help you become a better carpenter all together.

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