Carpentry Skills

An older carpenter that has great carpentry talents

Developing your carpentry skills is very important. In Carpentry it takes up to four years of on the job training and schooling to become an expert journeyman. When a person achieves this goal or has the title of journeyman it is important to remember, that you never stop learning there’s always room for improvement.

Here are a few tips and techniques you can use to help develop your carpentry skills to perfection.

1.Watch educational videos there’s is nothing like seeing and learning it for yourself on vhs or DVD or Practice what you have learned until you get it right.

2.Read books on carpentry there is so much you can learn if you just read remember that knowledge is power and with power comes money.

3.Lets say you want to bring your hands on experience to the next level. You can always offer to work at a family or close friends house and ask for little or no money cause you are still learning. You may mess something up or you may do a great job either way you are gaining your hands on experience that you need.

Put your heart into your work. Do not be discouraged and don’t give up. We all make mistakes but we have to fix them and move on. There is a old saying” Remember that its not all physical but it is also mental" so be mentally prepared as you move forth in carpentry. The more familiar you are with your work the more successful you will become and on your way to being a Pro Journeyman.

Also make sure you are real good at using your tools especially the tape measure the more accurate you are the better journeyman you are. Plain and simple.

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