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Here is where I guide you through basic carpentry terminology.Some carpenter jobs are so have so much terminology on it it can make your head spin.It is diffucult when you are trying to listen to someone and you have to keep asking them what does that mean so I have broken down some of the most confusing things that carpenters may say. I also mixed in some of the old sayings in carpentry as well.So lets begin!

Term- Cut a 10inch "RIP" of sheetrock

Meaning-When someone is asking or refering to a "RIP" from a board they are simply asking you to cut the board along the length and not the width

Term or saying- "THE HEAT IS IN THE TOOLS"

Meaning-On carpenter jobs this term is used when someone complains because it is cold, they may need to be reminded that if they work harder and use the tools more frequently their body will naturally generate heat.

Term- Only "CURTAIN WALLS" will be in this area

Meaning- A curtain wall is a wall that is over 5 feet high but it is not connected to the ceiling of the building the only connection that is made is braceing.


Meaning-check your measurements before you cut.

Term-A "KNEE WALL" will be in this area.

Meaning-A KNEE WALL is a wall that is 4 foot and under.

Term-Put the STUDS and TRACKS over here temporarely.

Meaning- Studs are the beams in the wall that run verticaly Tracks are the beams tha run horizently. If they are metal,the tracks do not have any holes and always come in 10foot lengths and gauges.The studs always have holes in them but they can come in different lengths and also different gauges.

SOFFIT-is connected to the ceiling and the wall it can extend pretty far it all depends on how big the wall is.

The above picture one of many SOFFITS the I did at Kean College in the state of New Jersey.

There is alot of carpentry terminology out there I am going to be updating this site regularly adding more terms throughout the week.Thankyou

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