Passing a Carpentry Test

A carpentry test can be very difficult to some and easy to others. I was not that great at math problems but the way I passed the carpentry union math test.

I know you may be looking for the answers to the carpentry union test. It seems like you can find everything on the Internet why not answers to the test. If you are looking for the answers then stop looking, every test in every county in every state is different. In other words you are not going to find them.

But what you can do is prepare yourself in such a way that you will pass the test with flying colors. Here are some ways that you can do just that. A vocational school like Vo Tech or Job Corps can really prepare you for a carpentry union test. But before you go to the class the key is to make sure that they will help prepare you for the union math test. You really don’t want to be studying for a test that is going to get you a regular carpentry job that is not in the union.

Some of my carpentry history; I went to Job Corps for a while and they prepared me not only for the test but also for the real work world in carpentry. From everything to building walls to building concrete forms.

If you don’t want to go to a school you can practice on doing the kind of math problems that are on the test. You can study basic math like adding, addition, multiplication, division, and fractions. There may be some geometry and algebra questions as well.

Good luck on passing the carpentry test more info on my carpentry history.

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