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No other basic carpentry websites delivers raw original material like this one. I am taking basic carpentry to the next level and beyond. I have been inspired to teach carpentry online. And I’m not going to stop until I’m rich and famous.

This site has the potential of being the best carpentry website that has ever been made. I realize that I can defiantly use more carpentry pictures, they are on there way right along with allot of other things

My goal is to climb the internet search engine charts like 50 cent does the rap charts and like the Beatles did the rock charts its just that simple. I will be on T.V in less in a couple of years and this Internet site will be the crutch to get me there

When it comes to carpentry I don’t play and I will control the seasons in my life just because the country says we are going into recession doesn’t mean I have to act laid back. Nope I’m a hustler in carpentry its a great time to do side work when things get slow such as this. Most sites rather let carpenters and apprentices fail.You can learn carpentry here with no problem.

The great thing is this site is broadcasted all over the world that is great in it self. Here is some advice for you whether you are starting out in this field or not put your heart into your work and everything else will fall into place guaranteed.

Here is some information on learning carpentry

Here is a link to my home page

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