Carpentry Work And The Economy

Here is some carpentry images and concrete work

Carpentry work was pretty good there were few carpenters out of work and everyone was getting there share of the pie when I say everyone I mean everyone union and nonunion carpenters they were all working. The economy was doing good unemployment was low

But today is a different story; corporations left and right are laying people off. We are in a recession there is a gas crises, food crisis, housing crises, and know I’m hearing water crises. The price of everything is going up literally, people are not getting jobs and there is little or no carpentry work.

Carpenters build bridges, houses, industrial buildings, cabinets etc. When the carpenters are not building it means the economy is not growing. And right now I see very little or no growth at all.

Good carpenters whether the storm by finding there own work through friends, family, church members, even other carpenters. Whatever it takes to make the money and feed the family. Every carpenter in their career should own their own business so when work gets slow for the economy, they have there own work to rely on in basic carpentry.

"When the going gets tough the tough gets going in carpentry"

Times are very hard though there was a massive layoff on a big construction job in my area. Over 100 electricians’ 30 carpenters got laid off the project managers literally shut the job down because of this bad economy that we are in. There are many unemployed carpenters that are looking for work.

So if you are a carpenter that is working right now hold on to your job because there is over 1 hundred guys that are ready to take your place.

I believe that work will pick up in June of 2009. At that time the economy will start to recover but until then I say hold on to your money, have hope, keep the faith and this storm will come pass and we will rise again God Bless.

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